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SMS marketing

Need people to renew their membership? Or sign a petition? Or sign up for volunteer times? With SMS marketing, you can send reminders tailored for each person’s unique situation.
It can be hard to remember a time when friend requests and text messages were not part of daily life, effective SMS marketing strategies can be the perfect platform for targeting your Millennial clients.
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E-mail marketing

Companies often list email as one of their most powerful
marketing channels. To this day, the size of your email list is a
demonstration of your reach and thought leadership. However,
your email marketing campaigns should be part of a holistic
approach to educate your contacts about your company. Your
marketing emails need to be complimented by other efforts,
such as content creation, social media engagement and behavior-based nurturing.
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#Eyemails: Basic Principles of Minimal Web Design

Basic Principles of Minimal Web Design



A good web design properly enhances focus to specific parts of the website. It should be easy to navigate through and shouldn’t skip any important detail. Visiting a website for the first time tend to be more confusing for some users. It can also be tricky for web designers to deliver main ideas equally to all visitors. Despite their best efforts, some new visitors do get lost and they eventually leave the site to search for better alternatives.Clutter often encroaches upon web design and for sites with diverse types of visitors, it could be necessary to embrace minimalism. Minimal web design is characterized by more simplicity and less density. This approach involves using the least amount of colors, images, text and other elements to get core messages across and enhance visual appeal. Web designers should understand specific needs of visitors to create easy-to-understand website structure. Unfortunately, minimal web design isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and some designers are still struggling to remove the excess. Making a web design simple can be a difficult task. But understanding these minimal design principles may make things far easier for you:

Does Minimal Design suitable for your needs?

Not everyone needs minimal web design and not all websites should adopt minimalism. Website owners should analyze reasons behind minimal web design. It is inadvisable to push too hard if your website doesn’t really suitable with minimal approach. Sometimes, with an information-rich website, trying to fit everything into a minimal design can result in disaster. However, if messages within your website can be delivered accurately through minimal design, then go straight ahead.

Establish a Focus

Executing minimalism isn’t always easy. Before you start working, it’s necessary to establish focus. Messages should be delivered without involving too many elements. Compromises may need to be made and brainstorming is always important.

Chop off the Excess

The step is pretty obvious: Make a list of elements and contents used in your website. Rank them based on the level importance, you’ll be amazed on how many unnecessary elements that can be removed without reducing the usability.

Use Colors Properly

A minimal web design doesn’t restrict designers to basic colors only. Splashes of colors may indicate important areas and lead visitors to the right direction. Minimal design doesn’t have to be boring and dull. You can start by taking all colors off the website and consider a few color combination alternatives. Black and white is often considered as an all-time favorite in minimal web design, but they are not always necessary. Using proper colors are also important and good accents can easily highlight important areas and features. Colors matter a lot, even in minimal web design and you should work really hard to achieve effective colors usage.

Use Typography to enhance Content

Minimal web designs often emphasize more on typography to improve information delivery. After all the extra gimmicks are removed, there could be little left to display in the website, so naturally, typography is more important to gain users attention. Since users would be minimally distracted, typography can provide simple, yet attractive points of interest. Minimal designs are among the best platforms to use typography creatively. Selecting great fonts is important when creating an appealing minimal design. Your website’s personality can easily be enhanced with proper selection of typography.

Intelligent and Creative use of Layout

When it comes to the use of layout, even improper use of a few pixels can degrade the look of minimal design. Also, just because you have opted to choose a minimal web design, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck with overly simplistic layout structure. Layout is even more important on minimal designs as there are far fewer elements on each page. Again, minimal web designs are great places to experiment with intelligent layout. Easy navigation and proper placement of remaining website elements are key points. If you do it wrongly, visitors will have a hard time navigating your minimally-designed website.

Use Blank Space Properly

Minimal web designs are known for using ample blank space, which offers enough room to breathe. Web designers new to this approach often find it unintuitive to leave so many blank spaces unused. Remember, you can get more by using less. The “less factor” is an important concept in minimal web design and a useful tool for achieving your goals. After visiting a series of cluttered websites, minimally-designed websites can give users much needed break. Naturally, so many ideas pop in designers’ heads on how they should fill those empty spaces. In fact, during early years of Internet, web designers were often praised for their ability to fill blank spaces with “useful” things.

Use Images Properly

With all these repeated emphasizes on keeping everything simple and removing extra gimmicks, you may think that using images on minimally-designed websites is a big NO. That’s not true; in fact, images are bound to shine much brighter in minimal websites. Maintaining balance between simplicity, content and images require plenty of consideration. Often, images can deliver messages much more effectively than text, which can help you get rid of those ugly, long paragraphs.

#Eyemails: The Best Collection Of Web Design Tips

web design tips

When learning about SEO, the number-one web design tips is to always to have a clean, efficient, attractive website or blog to traffic. If you don’t have that, your efforts aren’t even worth it. That’s because it all comes back to web design. People want to visit functioning, attractive, seamless websites. Give them what they want by using these tips.

Learning some basic HTML will help you add some interesting extras to your site. For example, you can have words that follow your cursor, or a banner that flashes important information. Make sure to change the colors and fonts occasionally, so you seem more involved with the web site and its design.

When you are designing your site, be aware of how many links you are using. The more links you have on your site, the more links you are going to have to monitor for “link rot”. You do not want to have a bunch of dead links on your site because you included too many to monitor when you were developing the site.

Web Design Tips When It Comes To Communication

Include your contact information on each and every page of your site. It can be quite frustrating for a viewer to try to dig through all of your content to find a contact link if they come across an issue or have a problem with your site. You just need a simple contact link at the top or bottom of each page.

Even if you know how to design sites for the web you still have much to learn. Everyone today is using mobile devices so this means that there is a higher demand for making sites mobile compatible. Start learning how to build mobile sites so that you’re knowledgeable of how to build various types of websites.

If you have never designed a web page, try using pre-made layouts. These can easily be found online for several blogging web sites like Blogspot or Tumblr. Having an interesting layout will draw attention to content and give the site a professional look. Just make sure your layout is appealing to your target audience!

Web Design Tips That Prevent Disaster

Allowing guest content on your site is a good idea, but never, ever let someone else get into your server to post it! You need to receive the content via email. A lot of amateur site designers actually allow people to access their host’s server. Even if this doesn’t lead to theft, it’s still a really bad idea.

Never bite off more than you can chew by attempting to design multiple sites at once. You should keep things simple by only working on one site at a time. Even if you do have some web design skills, you may get crossed up with your projects, or one of your sites may suffer neglect. Just take things one at a time.

Remember this when posting something important on your site: High and far-left. This is how people read, from left to right, so having the most important parts of your site located at the top of your site and on the left will ensure that your visitors see and read this before anything else on your website.

In order to host your own website, you must have the infrastructure and the money it requires. It could actually prove much more costly to you. You also need to know what you are doing. It is not easy as pie, and you must have the knowledge to host your own website.

Size Does Matter With These Web Design Tips

Keep your page sizes to a minimum. Not all internet users have fast connection speeds, and the longer your site takes to load, the less interest they will have. You do not want your page viewers to be stuck waiting for every page to download, or they may end up abandoning your site.

Greet your visitors with a video greeting. Many people like to be able to put a face with a company and making a video can help with this. Keep the video short, under a minute, and give them a quick explanation of what you do and what they can find on your site.

It’s not that people browsing the web are overly picky or anything; it’s just that no one wants to visit an unattractive site that’s slow to load and that barely functions.

#Eyemails: The Ins And Outs Of Website Design

Website Design Creativity

The techniques utilized in the construction of the physical site itself can also add a professional contact to your function. This can be done by the use of consistent elements through the site and also the application of certain fundamental guidelines. Take these following components into account when involved with web site building and website design.


Whether you utilize a web-authoring program or do all the Code manually, there are some steps in order to constructing a well-designed website design. These steps begin with the actual intelligent style of the person webpages. Make your HTML coding easy to read by utilizing indentations as well as remark tags. This can help you save considerable time when you really need in order to modify your website.

Possess a desired layout plan for your website

You will have the design of your webpages planned, the graphics and photographs all set to go, and the content decided. You know what order the pages can look and how they will be linked…in other words, the actual routing of your site. Help to make special note of the subsequent :

•Header components like a emblem or title — these do not have to be the same dimension upon all the webpages, however ought to be the same style .

•Common identifiable clues for example colored bullets and also the exact same style and color associated with links .

•Footer elements for example copyright and phone individuals e-mail deal with .

•A typical images design – that’s, avoid using animation style images along with photographic-quality graphics. Both are fine individually, although not together.

•Margins with regard to stability from the page just like you find in a guide.

Placing it all together

This is a reiterate of what a well-designed website will include;The first (index) web page fits on the watch’s screen in an region 640 – 740 pixels wide by Four hundred sixty — 520 pixels higher. This particular helps to ensure that nearly every visitor to your introductory web page might find the key information.

Always try to retains things 740 pixels broad or even less, simply because you need to design for the lowest typical denominator or even display promises that by the majority of requirements is 800×600. Many people have less, going as low as 640×480, however to create for your just does not leave sufficient room to provide a professional looking website.

•Short text Outlines (40-60 figures).

•Short sentences (4-8 Lines).

•Alt labeling upon all images.

•Index or even website chart for large website.

•Color coordination — including textual content Hyperlink colors.

•Corresponding back-links for those image link.

•Quick download period.

•Use associated with browser-safe color palette.

•All other webpages are equipped for the width of 640 – 740 pixels; the space can be whatever is appropriate for the content.

•Clear, easy-to-follow navigation.

•Consistency through web page to web page — site visitors will know they are nevertheless on a single website no matter which page they’re watching.

•Organization – of the information as well as the website.

•White room.

•Contrast of textual content as well as background for easy reading.

•Good object/text positioning