#Eyemails: How to Improve Your Industrial Email Marketing

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Are you finding that your industrial email marketing isn’t exactly delivering the results you were expecting?  You expend your best efforts, maybe even hire outside experts to help you execute – but your response rate is still pitifully low (that would be below 10% in a manufacturing company.)  If you can relate, read on for some tips that can help improve your email marketing campaigns.

Make your subject line priority #1:  The subject line of your email is probably the most important key to a successful campaign.  If the subject line doesn’t compel the reader to open your email, you lose.  You’ve got no more than 50 characters to hook them so Include as much important and relevant information in your subject line as possible. For instance, if your email contains a special offer, make sure the offer is explicitly spelled out in the subject line.

Break out your lists:  Instead of sending every email to every address in your email database, try drilling down and segmenting specific groups to receive information that will be more useful or pertinent to them, or that has the greatest chance of a response.  At the most basic level, segment current customers from prospects.  Get creative, and experiment.  The more you try to address very specific, individual requirements and interests, the better your response rate.

Make your content relevant: This may seem like overstating the obvious, but you’d be surprised how often the content of an email broadcast is nothing more than a print ad plastered into an email.  Does the content of your email somehow provide value, or is it “all about me?” (your company.)  You must continually put yourself in the position of your email recipients and think about what would convince them to open and act on your email.  Focus more on how your products or company can ease their pain.  Keep it short, and don’t bore the reader with too much content.  If there’s more to be said, give them a link with the option to click over to a “Read More” page.  The whole point of the email is to get the person to take the next step.  What do you want that to be, and how do you convince them to do it?

If you can afford a marketing automation tool, PERSONALIZE: I don’t mean addressing the email with “Dear John Doe.”  When I say personalization, I mean the email is coming from the regional manager, account manager, inside sales person, or whomever will be interacting the most with the email recipient.  Automating the process and making the emails always come from that one main contact person can increase your email response rate by 4 times.

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