3 Biggest Challenges in Online Marketing

In order to run a successful online marketing campaign, companies need to be able to effectively juggle multiple factors simultaneously. Online marketing is not one thing, but rather, a combination of smaller campaigns that work together. For example, an online marketing campaign will include SEO, content marketing, and a sound social media strategy.

While there is a laundry list of possible challenges for online marketers, here are the three challenges most marketers face.

1. Optimizing for Mobile Users. The massive growth of smartphones and tablets, has led to an increasingly larger number of people are searching the web from a mobile device. This creates a unique challenge for online marketers. Mobile optimization should not be avoided. In order to survive and grow in the current digital world, companies have to focus on mobile users. This means having a responsive website that allows it to be fully utilized from a desk top, mobile phone, tablet and any other mobile device. In addition to being responsive, companies also need to tailor their content to mobile users. Mobile users are more drawn to image or video based content. Articles need to be concise and all links need to be fully functional.

2. Social Media Management. Social media management can be a significant challenge because it can be a full-time job by itself. Many large companies have entire departments dedicated to their social media networks. Each network needs to be treated differently because users on different networks have different expectations. For example, Facebook allows for photos, videos and longer status updates. You want to post things to Facebook that will engage conversations, likes and shares. However, Twitter is tailored more to small bits of information or links to information. Twitter also tolerates multiple posts a day, while Facebook users get annoyed by companies that post too often.

3. Effectively Implementing SEO. Google basically dictates SEO because they are the largest search engine, so they get to make the rules regarding what will get a website a top ranking in the search results. While SEO used to mean effectively using certain words, it is now significantly more complicated and integrated as part of content marketing. Companies need to establish themselves as an authority within their field.


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