Email Marketing

Email marketing an efficient tool to ensure success.

E-mails are the basic communication tools for any current business. With Eyemails your e-mail marketing campaign is cost effective, highly targeted and reaching the desired market.

Eyemails provides professional "spam free" opt-in and direct email marketing services for companies of all sizes. Our comprehensive email marketing services include bulk and targeted email campaigns. Our Database is continuously filtered and cleaned. Obsolete and invalid e-mails are removed while new and fresh e-mail lists are added each month. Eyemails e-mail lists are assembled from credible opt-in email list sources.

Try out Eyemails e-mail services and you will realize the difference in the quality of services, support and your campaign performance.

And to ensure transparency Eyemails has created a dedicated tracking section on its website for clients to monitor the progress of their e-mail campaigns Signup Here and read more in the "Online Campaign Tracking System"

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a service that enables you to send SMS text messages from your computer, server, Web site and application to mobile phones worldwide. Compared with traditional forms of media, SMS marketing is a communication tool that engages your business more effectively with customers, employees, candidates, students, patients and social media networking communities. SMS types include promotions, reminders, alerts and notifications.

Eyemails is considered a leader in its field offering Categorized & Bulk SMS Marketing services Moreover, our easy to use SMS Online Platform allows you to create lists of numbers and add contacts then launch your SMS Campaigns in seconds from your.

What are the benefits of using Eyemails SMS services:

• Fastest way to reach thousands at the same time & with a click
• Send to Multi Numbers with a Click
• Sender ID will be Your Name or business name
• Get a details Report about who saw your SMS. You can monitor precisely who   and how many people have received your SMS as part of your campaign with   Delivery Status Reports
• SMS are accessible by everybody; It reaches the inbox
• SMS is far more personal and accessible than email especially in regions   where penetration of smart phone and apps has not yet matured

SMS Marketing has the power to maximize your sales revenue and margins whilst minimizing costs

Domain & Hosting

Online Fame starts with Great Domain.

At, we offer all major Top Level Domains TLDs (.com, .net,.org, .info, .ws, .cc, .biz, .co, .ca, .es, .me, .mobi, .us, .tv, .tel, .xxx, ...) and over 25 Country Code Top Level Domains ccTLDs (,,, .ae,, .eu, .ca, .fr, ...)

Web Hosting in web designing and development business is providing server space, web services and file maintenance and backup for web sites controlled by individuals or companies that do not own their own web servers. Eyemails provide High-End Web Hosting Solution for the successful presence of your site in the web directory.

We provide you the flexible hosting rates and plans for the Entry, Middle and the Advanced-level for companies backed with great care and support.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means ensuring that your website is accessible by search engines such as Google. Search engines are the primary tool for internet users to find your website.

What's more important is to show on the first search results page.