Benefits of e-mail marketing:

E-mails are the basic communication tools for any current business. With Eyemails your e-mail marketing campaign is cost effective, highly targeted and reaching the desired market.

The Internet has made the world smaller. Within seconds your e-mail campaign will reach your customers' inboxes, anywhere! With the possibility of social media sharing, your message is reaching far beyond your selected contact lists. E-mail marketing can be targeted for specific customers by giving the choice of opting into receive emails on specific elements of your business and products that interest them

On the other hand, periodic newsletter plays an important role in build relationships with your customers that will result in higher repeat sales and stronger loyalty to your brand.

How to benefit from Eyemails e-mail marketing?

Fund Raising

whether it is for an NGO, or for any other cause, benefit from Eyemails e-mail marketing and engage with supporters via e-newsletters, fundraising appeals, advocacy alerts and more.

Launching a new product or service

whenever you are planning for an upcoming product or service launch, don't under estimate the power of email marketing. Eyemails recommend not to wait until the product has been launched before writing about it in your newsletters. Make your subscribers feel like insiders and sometimes you might be generating pre-launch orders.

Hosting public events

Anyone who has organized any public event in the past would agree that promoting and managing these events can be quite a challenge. Let Eyemails guide your success.

Online Survey

Beside promoting a product or a business, e-mail marketing can be very helpful for setting and promoting any online survey. As a result, it is more practical to collect and dispatch information online

Generate new leads

E-mail marketing is a very efficient tool for generating new leads. Eyemails would recommend to include Incentives in order to increase "e-mail open rates". Once the message is opened, you should keep in mind to have a clear "Call to Action" with compelling subject lines.

Direct Sales

Your database of contact is a precious tool that gives you the chance to promote your company and services to an already interested client. The only cost is a little time in constructing good emails and the sending costs. While in some other cases, mass e-mail marketing is more efficient since it target potential buyers that are not yet in your contact database. Eyemails ensure you reach the highest number of people in your targeted market.

Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is especially crucial when a new product or service is being introduced into the market.

Brand awareness is more related to products which have few distinguishing features; in such cases the brands with the highest level of consumer awareness are the ones which sell the most.

Customer Loyalty and relationship

A periodic email newsletter is a great and cost effective way to maintain long term relationships with your customers.

Generate traffic to your website or social media network

Unlike a direct marketing letter the recipient has only to click once to gain instant access to the content, with hyperlinks within the email that lead to specific web pages, user will enjoy a more dynamic experience which will increase his interest in the message you're promoting and probably he will share with friends.

Increase Social media interactivity and engagement

With the possibility of social media sharing, your message is reaching far beyond your selected contact lists

Target new market

Today even companies with limited resources can reach a global market at almost no cost. Startups nowadays are integrating more and more e-mail marketing and social media in order to reach their audience efficiently.

Promotional e-mails

This type of e-mails will help in acquiring new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again

Who is taking advantage of these opportunities?
  • Marketing & Advertising departments or agencies
  • Interactive and Digital Agencies
  • Health and Wellness
  • Travel & Leisure agencies
  • Non profit organizations
  • E-businesses
  • Real estate
  • Retail Stores (Fashion, electronics, home appliances, furniture…)
  • Restaurants & Hospitality services
  • Training centers
  • Recruitment and PR agencies
  • Motion pictures
  • Artists
  • Financial Services (Banks, financial institutions…)
  • Events organizers and planners (public exhibitions, fairs…)
  • Statistics Agencies