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#Samana Luxury Travel & Hospitality: NEW! FREE Drop Off to Rafic Hariri International Airport #Eyemails

Dear Valuables Clients,

In recognition to your loyalty, eyemails.com/clicks1.aspx?id=[c_id]&e=[EMAIL]&url=http://www.samana-travel.com/”>Samana Travel, and in cooperation with Charlie Taxi, has the pleasure to announce Our Exclusive Complimentary service* in Lebanon:

Enjoy a FREE* Drop off to Rafic Hariri International Airport.

– Two passengers traveling economy class on MEA, Air France and Saudi Airlines are eligible for FREE drop off service.

– One Passenger traveling business or first class with MEA, Air France and Saudi Airlines will be entitled to FREE ride to the Airport.

For more details, contact now your travel advisor in Samana and book your Complimentary Taxi with your ticket.

We in Samana Travel are determined to serve and offer you the best!

*This service is currently applicable for Grand Beirut area only.
* Special rates applicable for return trip.


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