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Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect allows Facebook members to log onto third-party websites, applications, mobile devices and gaming systems with their Facebook identity. While logged in, users can connect with friends  and post updates to their Facebook profile.

Facebook Connect offers an infrastructure for website publishers that allows better targeting of ads by leveraging information stored in a visitor’s Facebook profile.  This means it could be possible to target ads the same way Facebook allows:

  • Location: target by country, state, city and radius;
  • Keyword: target by keywords that appear in a visitor’s Facebook profile;
  • Connection: target visitors based on their connection to pages, apps, events, groups and other websites;
  • Relationship: target visitors based on their marital status;
  • Age: target visitors by age;
  • Birthday: tee up promotions for visitors celebrating a birthday;
  • Education: target visitors based on the education info in their Facebook profile;
  • Gender: Tee up different advertising content based on gender;
  • Workplace: target ads based on a visitor’s workplace and job title; and
  • Language: target visitors based on their preferred languages.

The result will be great for advertisers and site owners.

Read more: http://www.socialmeteor.com/2010/01/27/better-than-google-adsense-socialsense-from-facebook/