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How do you buy Facebook Ads?

There are four ways to purchase Facebook ads. Facebook’s native solutions, Ads Create and Power Editor, are the most common. The Ads API is also useful if you’re an agency or big brand (as an FB Ad Buying Tool from a third-party vendor).


Questions Community Managers Should Be Asking: Which of my posts need money behind them? Which are still performing well and converting organically?

Why do it?

  • Huge user base: Facebook has over 1 billion users. That’s almost 20% of the earth’s population.
  • Advanced targeting options let you reach the people who matter:

1. Partner Categories let you target based on a user’s lifestyle and purchasing history, even those that aren’t your existing customers (yet).

2. Custom Audiences let you target existing leads from your CRM database (i.e. your email list, phone number list, Facebook UID list, and Facebook App UID list).

3. Lookalike Audiences let you take it a step further, creating an audience of users similar to the users within your Custom Audience or using your website visitors, app users, and existing Facebook fans.

  • It’s cost-effective: Compared to traditional advertising (like TV and magazine), Facebook Ads are extremely cost effective. There is a minimum spend of just $1 per day and Facebook had the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions in advertising history – just $.25 per 1,000 impressions. That’s only 1% of the CPM cost for TV.
  • It compliments Facebook’s algorithm. Using paid media lets you extend time decayso more people have the opportunity to interact with your content. In addition, high-quality and well-targeted content is more likely to drive an action, thus boosting a user’s affinity with your fan page and making them more likely to see your content in the future.
  • You gotta. As organic reach decreases, this is a necessary move for maintaining/growing Facebook presence–and Community Managers are on the front line of knowing what audiences respond to positively and are repelled by.

Read more http://simplymeasured.com/blog/2014/04/08/understanding-facebooks-new-ad-structure-how-a-community-manager-can-impact-ad-spend/

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