#Eyemails: 3 Reasons Why Using WordPress!

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If you are considering a new website and planning to do it yourself , there are more than a few options available to the average computer user . The internet is flooded with options and DIY website creator software to build your next website .

However , choices , standing high above the crowd . WordPress is a PHP website platform , which has become one of the most widely used platform in the world . Although it began as a blogging platform , it has turned into one of the most powerful tools available for both DIY and professional web designers .

So why do you need a web designer or WordPress you consider ? Here are three reasons .

1 ) Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is known for great search engine optimization . The structure and organization of WordPress has made it a favorite for the search engines . A website designed using WordPress , will benefit from the critical mode but the unseen . There are plugins available to further enhance your search engine optimization . So , what plugin ?

2 ) Extend Plugins and Functionality

Plugins is equivalent to the application , which you can find on your phone . Where ” There’s an app for that ” applies to your mobile phone , you can also say : ” There’s a plugin for that ” when talking about WordPress . Because of its popularity , there are thousands and thousands of plugins available . This plugin can usually be easily installed in your administration area and can expand the functionality of your site . Are you a beautiful photo galleries , contact forms , and slideshows are required , usually there is a plugin to meet your needs .

3 ) Web -Based Management

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about WordPress is that it comes with the territory administration is user-friendly , which can be accessed from any computer . No need to install software on your own computer and do not need to learn . FTP or other things that used to be required when updating your website you simply log in and changes or edits . This has led to a favorite WordPress for web designers all over the world because it gives their customers the ability to manage their own site to save money and ultimately save time web designer .

These are just a few of the many reasons that are used to driving . Following your WordPress website possibilities are virtually endless and you are only limited by your imagination . With each update , WordPress has proven itself a leader in modern web design and content management .


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