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About Eyemails

Since 2005 Eyemails team started capturing, cleaning and evaluating data. We were very careful and meticulous in gathering and collecting data. All tasks were executed manually at that time to ensure efficiency and reliability of the collected data.

Later on, and to show commitment and respect to all subscribers' privacy, Eyemails sent an automated e-mail to all subscribers confirming their subscription into Eyemails database. By doing so, we gave our subscribers the choice to confirm or to reject their subscription into our system, as well to receive Notifications, Newsletters, Ads and many other related communication material.

Eyemails gained credibility and trust throughout the years. In 2007 all the database was categorized and structured in a way to improve the efficiency of targeting certain niche markets. Results were higher than any expectation.

With all the effort that Eyemails team is committed to serve its clients in the best possible way, aiming for higher ROI. Currently the response on Eyemails e-mail campaigns is around 70%. This rate is expected to increase drastically targeting a 100% "delivery to inbox".

No matter what's your company size and activity - Eyemails has the solution that helps you do business the smart way.